Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The coolest place (except for the wall spiders)

Elder Kandeh, Samuel Joseph and Elder Eppich and Samuel Joseph's baptism in Kpong Ghana
May 27, 2013
Well this last week was another good week for Elder Kandeh and me. We taught a lot of lessons with a member present and his name is Lawson and his older brother was in my MTC group but is serving in Cote'd Ivore. He is a super awesome guy! We also had a baptism for one of our investigators yesterday and his name is Samuel but we call him James. But he is a really sweet kid who is 16 yrs old and I really hope that he will serve a mission!! That would be so awesome! His sister will be baptized in June for sure! The missionary that baptized Elder Kandeh is our branch clerk in Kpong, it’s a super small world.
It’s pretty tough to pay attention at church because most of the time they speak their own dialect and so we can’t really understand. It helps a lot for our investigators because it will help them understand easier! But this area is getting pretty big concerning the church growth. We have members coming from far away to come to church. Hopefully in the next couple of months they will add another branch. Transportation is the main reason why we can’t get our investigators to come to church. We are trying to re do our working areas and it has to get approved by President Judd first but if it gets approved, Elder Kandeh and I will have all of Kpong and all of Akuse while the other Elders will have Somanya. Somanya will grow a lot if it gets a branch there!
But I’m super happy I will be able to stay in Akuse because it reminds me of home......kinda haha because it just a small little farming community! And then the other day we went outside of Akuse to teach a man and it is a super small village with just straight mud houses and straw on top! Some of the houses had aluminum on top but not many. And it is right on the Volta River so they are all farmers or fisherman. But it’s the coolest place!
One of the scary moments that happened this week, well to start off I thought I was getting used to spiders and not afraid of them anymore, but I was sitting on my chair and I dropped something on the ground and like a foot from my face I saw a huge!! Wall spider! It seriously scared the crap out of me!!! I guess my fear hasn’t left all the way!! There just ugly big spider!!! Oh and then we had PEC in the bishops office and he has A/C in his room and it was set to 21 C about 70 degrees and I honestly thought I was going to freeze to death (not really, but it was super cold!!!!) I couldn’t wait to get back outside Haha.
We have some good investigators right now but a lot of them are far away from the meetinghouse and so they don’t show too much commitment but I think by the time we continue to teach them than they will realize how important this message is and want to come and see how we worship.

Well it looks like you are all doing good back home and sound great! I love you all!
Elder Eppich

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