Monday, March 18, 2013

"Welcome to Africa, Elder Eppich"

Children in Kaneshie
March 18, 2013


           Atta girl Karigan!! That’s way awesome that you are a finalist for Jr. Miss and I’m so happy for you! The Lord blesses you when you are doing what’s right! You guys are going to be super busy this summer, but will be super fun! So this week was a pretty good week, and it started off with zone training with President Judd, it was awesome.
 I finally got the proper introduction to Ghana this last week....throwing up and having super bad diarrhea, we had to go straight to a filling station and I barely made it. It was a rough day and then the lights were turned off at night that made it worse because of no fan and it feels like a real green house lol but Elder Ujifusa and I just slept outside on our bed and in our net and it was super legit!! There was a nice cool breeze going and we slept good! We’ve done it the last 2 nights now. It reminds me when we were kids and sleeping outside Haha so it was awesome!!
I forgot my little note thing that has all my things I wanted to tell you guys but I left it on accident, so I’ll try my best to say everything. So right now we have about 17-20 investigators that are suppose to get baptized if they come to know the gospel is true (which they would if they would actually do their commitments but out of all those maybe 6 if we’re lucky will be baptized. We were suppose to have 2 baptism this week but they cancelled it and moved it to next week so hopefully we will have around 4 next week which would be awesome!! And one of the guys that would be baptized is a 23 yr old guy who we met my first day in the field so hopefully he comes to church next week so he can be baptized!! A huge accomplishment for me and Elder Van Scheltema. We also found some solid investigators that have a real strong desire to learn more about the gospel so that’s sweet. Speaking of Elder Van Scheltema, we decided that we are going to be like Elder Cook and Elder Holland because if you read the talk "Can You Feel So Now" by Eder Cook it talks about Elder Holland was one of the first 19 yr old missionary in the England mission in 1960 so pretty much we're probably going to be apostles because I was one of the first 18 yr olds out also Haha. So that spider I talked about last time was found a few days later and we decided to kill it with a shoe so it didn’t get away but the crazy part was that about 4 hrs later the ants took the whole thing completely away!! It was absolutely insane! But the ants here are pretty huge Haha.
 The bleach pen helped a lot because when I was eating fufu last night I spilt some of the soup on me and the bleach pen got it out right away! and before I received the package I was going to ask if you could send some starburst and skittles because I was craving them Haha so well done mom and family :) and if you happen to send a Easter package try and send chocolate (like a symphony bar, dove chocolate, and something else Haha) because the chocolate here is super expensive and not as good as back home. oh and today we were at the market and I was looking at some stuff and then somebody either touched my butt for fun or they tried to pick pocket me so I was a little scared and moved my wallet to my shirt pocket. But I guess right now there has been a lot of stealing so I hid my money plenty well. :) Well I hope I haven’t forgotten too much stuff I love you all and the church is still true!! Elder Eppich Jr.

sporting his new soccer jersey
sleeping outside during "lights off" (no electricty or water)

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