Monday, March 11, 2013

"I only have small time today"

**Notice how Kade’s language is changing…when he says he only has “small time today”.  I love it!

March 13,   2013

I only have small time today so probably no pictures and a short letter. So this week was a good week because we had lights on for most the week! But right now they have been off for almost 24 hours :( but I’m getting used to it. So I finally experienced my first Ghana storm and it was crazy awesome! The rain came down so hard and the wind was super strong! It was at night time so I was just waiting for our little tin roof to fly off Haha but it was pretty scary at first. We woke up one morning and there was a huge spider on the wall and so we have a little game where we shoot them with a rubber band but we all missed and he got away, knowing my luck it’s probably in my bed! Oh I also tailored all my shirts for 1 cedi each so now it’s so much nicer because I don’t have all the extra cloth on me. Let sloan-leavitt (insurance company)know that those light pens are amazing and help so much during lights off! Tell Shayne to send me a March madness bracket so I can fill one out haha I miss basketball!  Also thank everybody for all the letters I’ve been receiving lots and they really mean a lot and to keep sending them and I’ll try and reply the best I can. So we still have around 10 investigators with baptism dates but not all will be baptized, which stinks and we normally teach them every other day.  We have an investigator name Bro A___ who is about 50 and knows the gospel is true and been to church about 20 times but he has word of wisdom problem and he is down to 1 cigarette and 1 beer a day which is a huge change but he needs to be complete change to be baptized. Me and my comp fasted for him so maybe just remember him in your prayers would be super awesome! He also has a health condition where he needs a little Gin everyday I guess but who knows.  This last week it’s starting to kick in that I’m still only 18 yrs old and on a mission in Ghana Africa Haha it’s so crazy to think about! All the members in our district are 20 + but I’m still taller than all of them Haha. We get 160 cedis (80 bucks) a month for our subs but we have no propane because there is a propane shortage in Ghana so we have to buy all our food already made. So today we went to circle market and I bought some awesome Toms for 20 cedi Haha I wanted some so bad and then I almost bought another jersey but decided I better wait. Then we went to Accra mall by tro-tro (a little bus system that’s super scary Haha) and it was like I was in America! It was so nice and clean and AC in there. There was also a puma store that had legit soccer jerseys for 80 cedis so when I get more money or maybe for my birthday I'll buy one Haha. Oh and I received janae's package and it was so awesome!! And creative, there was a lot of cute things in it and candy oh and a cute little heart snow globe. Tell her thanks! Also tell Jordan Clark congrats for me that’s way exciting and she leaves a day after my birthday lol. So like I said I only have small time and need to get going I love you all and the church is still true and Ghana is still hot as ever Haha. love ya.

Elder Eppich

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