Monday, March 4, 2013

My first Baptism in Ghana!

First Baptism -  Richard on February 27, 2013
March 4, 2013

ete sen family?!
(how are you)

Once again I don’t know where to start.  I try and write stuff in my notebook to remember to tell you, but the highlight of the week was my first baptism!!! Richard! Super awesome guy and fun fact for you he was baptized on dad’s birthday!! So my first ever baptism was on my papas birthday!  Richard was the one with a bad job that dealt with the law of chastity and the day after he got baptized he got a new job offer that pays more. It’s so crazy how we are blessed when we are doing what’s right!!! It’s pretty sad though because a decent paying job is around 100 cedis a month which is about 50 dollars in American money! idk how you could live on that but everybody is super happy about it!  I wish you hadn’t sent the package yet I wanted you to send me a symphony bar and peanut butter because even if it melts, we can toss it in the freezer and it gets hard, but its fine if you didn’t...I’ll live lol oh and I found out a few days ago that right now the Ghana Accra mission has the highest baptismal rate in the world!...... but numbers don’t matter,  I just thought how awesome it was. You know I honestly feel bad for the people back home that don’t have any religious beliefs! Everybody here believes in Jesus and it just makes me sad thinking that people don’t want anything to do with religious stuff! That’s one of the reasons why I love the people here! Oh and tell Kortneigh she needs to get as little blanket and wrap Bree up to her back and just wrap something around her whole body to hold Bree - all the African moms do it here and it’s so cute! I tried to take a picture but I thought it would be weird lol just Google it or something. Well this last Sunday we had 6 new investigators come to church and I think they really enjoyed it but the bad thing is like during priesthood meetings since a lot of the members are new to the church they have to teach them about things like naming and blessing babies or baptism for the dead and so it throws our investigators off for a little bit. Oh and concerning the split of our mission it depends on where we are located during July that depends where we go. Hopefully I'm on the east side of Accra because that is where president Judd is going to be at and he is a way awesome guy! He was an all American football player! But I know it’s where God wants me to be. So on Monday there was an emergency transfer and elder Kanu was sent to Tema and we got a new missionary named Elder ujifusa(from Utah) so now all the missionaries in our district are white!! I was like what the heck?? I didn’t come all the way to Africa for bunch of white comps lol jk but everybody is way cool! Oh and a few days ago I found some chocolate ice cream called Fan Ice and it was so good!!! I bought a 2 liter box of it for 12 cedis (6 dollars, kind of expensive) so the last few days have been really hard because every 12 hours or so the power goes off so no water or fans. I’ll be lying in my bed and be covered in sweat!! It’s so gross!! Like it literally fells like I just hopped out of a shower Haha. But I think something happened at Lake Voltra or something and so the power is unstable or something like that. But the mosquito net is pretty nice to sleep in because it make me feel like I’m in a cocoon lol So this last week we ate lots of beans and fruit for our meals so I’m eating actually really healthy here.  But I’m getting a little rash on my stomach but the other missionaries said it’s just from it being so hot and that it will go away soon! So hopefully it does! I hope I remembered everything! I love you all and the church it still very true!!

-Elder Eppich!!
This is an investiagtors back yard. Lots of banana trees

Kade enjoying some chocloate ice cream in his messy apartment :)
public restroom with an open drain that you can see what you left.... I can't imagine the smell.

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