Monday, March 25, 2013

"I love the feeling I get when I'm in the temple"

Elder Eppich and his companion from South Africa - Kade said he is a wonderful missionary.
March 25, 2013

This week was a pretty awesome week because our district got to go to the temple on Tuesday and that was awesome! I love the feeling I get when I’m in the temple and the temple has AC so it’s super nice!
So just a few things I wrote down to tell you guys were when we are praying at investigators house they will say amen during the prayer when they agree or like something . Also the Doxys (daily pill he has to take for Malaria prevention) that I take are making me sleep talk I swear!! Pretty much every night I sleep talk about something but my comp thinks it’s funny.  The food is awesome, I love it! I’m even staring to love the fish here! I weighed myself the other day and I was 83 kilos. (**some missionaries have a hard time adjusting to the food let alone gain weight  - 83 kilos is approximately 182.6# Kade weighed abouat 175# when he left. He has never been able to gain weight J  ).Also when the lights are off in our area and then they turn back on all the little kids start screaming and running around on the streets because they are so happy for lights again. It sounds like that also when the Ghana team scores a goal but even louder!  
We also have been using electronics more when we teach lessons.  Like with a few investigators we watched “The Restoration” and then Elder Rane has a lot of conference talks on his iPod so we take that with us and listen to it with my little speakers and it brings the spirit so strong!!! So we listen to talks all the time when we are at the apartment.  I really like "A temple for West Africa" by Glen l Pace and also "Be men" by Carlos E Asay and pretty much every Jeffery R. Holland Talk.  We also gave a few of our investigators some hymns to listen to on their little computers and they love it! Oh a little side note, Elder Satiati came to our building and we got to meet him! It was awesome! We are supposed to have two baptisms this week, Prince and Sterling. They are super awesome. They live with their parents but their family doesn’t want to listen to our message. We were suppose to have more but they didn’t show up to church and they have to be at church 3 times to be baptized.  But one of the guys we are baptizing is one of our investigators we found the very first day I got to the field so I hope he can be baptized this Wednesday and then he can baptize his best friend a few weeks later! but my day goes like this....
630 wake up
630-7 work out
7-8 eat and get ready
8-11 personal study, comp study, then training for me
11-3 teach people
3-4 lunch
4-830\9 teach people
9-915 study
915-10 eat, get ready for bed, write in journal,
1015 bedtime!!!

That's pretty much every day except for a few days. So I hope everything continues to go well there and baby Bree is growing big!!
Love you all!
Elder Eppich, Jr.
These are the drinking water pouches they buy along side of the road when there is "lights off" and there is no water anywhere else.

Elder Van Scheltema's homeade mouse trap

Kaneshie District

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