Monday, November 24, 2014

"Look towards the future with faith"

November 24, 2014


Well last week flew by and it’s so weird! I wake up in the morning and
lie in my bed and just think what the heck has happened to the last 2
yr?... anyway, it’s crazy and feels weird to think of going home. I
don’t like thinking about it to be honest, but I know I need to continue
my life and look towards the future with faith.

Yesterday was a great day as we were able to see an investigator’s
sister,  Grace, baptized by one of our RC, Maxwell. She
is doing so great and it’s awesome to see the growth that he has made
as well. We met sister Grace long ago but she took a while to take
that step of faith and be baptized! We have a couple of other sweet
investigators that we are preparing for baptism as well. It’s too bad I
won’t see some of them baptized, but I know the elders will stay in
touch when I get home and keep me updated, plus the members will want
to stay in touch as well!

This week was my last Zone Conference of my mission and it was really
good! Mostly because I was able to visit all the RC and members in
Somanya, Kpong, and Odumasi! Me and another missionary were asked to
bear our testimonies and I started to cry.  Elder and Sister
Cosgrave (Kent, Brad and Ellen Mackay uncle) bore their testimony and flew home last night! They will be great Mission presidents.
Also a little side note, which was kind of
weird, was when I served in Kpong like 18 months ago there was a sister
named Pearl that was just leaving on her mission. She would tailor 
my trousers. Well sister Pearl is home and I saw her last week, it was
so strange to think she had come and gone already but cool to see her again!

The temple trip is all set up for this Saturday and everyone is
excited... I pray all goes well! The Branch President of Ho 1st branch, President TseTsay came on Thursday and did the interviews! It
looks like we will have 11 members and 2 missionaries going!! We are
very excited! Also before I forget, the river we baptize in is called
Dayi River, just so I have it on record and never forget it.... I
cooked my last big batch of jollof rice today. It was probably my best
one as well :) it should last me like 10 days and then the other
couple of days I’ll just manages by eating something else. Well, Family I
love you all and hope you have a great week! Enjoy thanksgiving....
Elder Zaugg just reminded me that it is this week.
Have fun and see you soon!

Elder Kade Eppich

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