Monday, December 1, 2014

"I can confidently say and testify..."

tro tro ride to the Temple!

Hoeho Group 1st ever temple trip

December 1, 2014


Another great week that has been long awaited for has come and gone!
The whole week we were anticipating our temple trip and it finally
came! Elder Zaugg and I went with Daniel, Gameli, Helen, Maxwell,
Jonathan, Beatrice, Albert, Baah Boah, Derry, and Josephine. We woke
up at 3 am and all met at the police station by 4 am to leave for
Accra! We were expecting 11 members but one didn’t show up L so we
headed to Accra with 10 members! We all slept as much as we could in
the morning so we could have enough energy for the trip! We were
making good time until we made it to Juapong (somewhere close to where
Elder Hatch is serving) where we had to take a ferry across the Volta
River. But because they closed early the night before, there was a
small line of cars/people that spent the night in their cars, so we had to wait
more than an hour to get across the river. Then we got stuck in traffic
around Tema Motorway so that slowed us down even more, but nonetheless
we arrived at the temple by 10:30! Everyone was so excited to be there!
There happened to be three other districts with all of  their members that
came to the temple at that same time! Haha there was so many people
around the temple, so that got us a little worried. We had the baptism
scheduled for 10 am but we got there at 10:30, they let the whole
Korfidua district jump us! So that was frustrating but it was ok
because everyone was happy to just wait around and talk and walk the
temple grounds! We had the office elders buy us rice and chicken for
lunch and so we were able to eat that. But luckily they had space for
the women and so they were able to hop in with the other group and get
done sooner! But there were so many men, they were going to have to wait.
We were able to take pictures, talk, and explain different things. The waiting 
wasn’t bad, we just knew that we had to get into the temple by 1 or we wouldn’t make it
back to Hoehoe that night because of the rough roads and the ferry would close 
down, so we didn’t have much time left.
So Daniel (Group Leader) and I went in again and tried explaining everything
 to the temple worker at the front door and he was like well you just
have to wait and if it gets to late you just have to cancel, and we
were like “uh… no we have been planning this for over a month,
members have sacrificed their money and time for this trip so we need to let 
these people participate! So he took us to a member of the
temple presidency, we explained everything to him and he was like
“Hey, we need to get them in right away!” So within 15 mins our
members were in their baptismal clothes waiting in line! The main
problem was that there weren’t enough jump suits to do the baptisms because
of so many people and so they were far behind. Unfortunately Elder
Zaugg and I couldn’t participate and baptize them because of the clothes shortage,
but we were able to watch! It was a great experience and everyone was
so happy! We changed fasted, took more pics, and then hopped in the tro tro
and were off just before 3 pm! It was seriously another miracle that
everything was able to be accomplished before 3! I was also able to
meet former members in the area that I had served and missionaries that I
hadn’t seen for a while! It was a long trip going from Hohoe to Accra!
I can’t imagine what
it is going to be like from Accra to New York!! Plus the weather!! I’m
just praying that there are no delays!! We were fortunate that there
wasn’t heavy traffic in Accra nor to the ferry and so we were
able to just drive right on to the ferry and cross the river! We got
home at a good time that night, but we were exhausted! It was like a 15
plus hour trip! Boys Abre!

 The following day was Sunday and we were
able to have sacrament meeting, confirm sister Grace (I was able to do it) and
then hear a few testimonies and talk. We’re hoping next week everyone
will be able to bear their testimonies on Fast Sunday about the
temple! After sacrament meeting we watched the All Africa General Broadcast
for November and it was great! Elder Gay, Sister Stevens, Elder
Ballard, and Pres. Uchtdorfs all gave talks and they were so awesome,
I really felt the spirit and understood a lot!
Well family, I love you all and this weekend we will have two great
baptisms that have been long awaited for! One of them is our neighbor
Graham that we have been teaching ever since we got to Hohoe! He is
great and will be a strong example for the members here!  Hope you
have a great week! I can’t believe the time is coming to an end.
November has come and gone so fast and now it’s only a few more days
left…. I can confidently say and testify that Paul’s words have
applied to me from 2 Timothy 4:6-8. I have done my best, of course I
had my ups and downs and struggles but I know I have kept the faith
and fought a good fight! I have learned so much from this mission and
my testimony has grown so much! Truly this is the Lords work and His
Church! I have mixed feelings about everything, I’m going to miss this
place like no other but I know all will be in the Lords hands. Love
you all, the Church is true. 

Elder Kade Eppich

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