Monday, November 17, 2014

"Great and successful week as the Lord is hastening His work"

November 17, 2014


Well we had another great and successful week in Hohoe as the
Lord is hastening His work! We now have 4 missionaries in Hohoe and
are trying our best to speak to everyone about the message we are
sharing! But before I forget I wanted to wish Kraymer a Happy 22nd
birthday!! Its crazy to think how old he is now! Whenever I read the
Book of Mormon and come across Alma 39:1 it always reminds me of
Kraymer and his great example to me! Thanks Kraymer! Love you and can't
wait to see you. (this melts a mother's heart, it will be 3 years since they have 
seen each other)

Well this week seemed to go by very fast once again and it's kind of a
scary thought of coming home in 3 weeks! But I won't
dwell on that! We got our new companions on Wednesday as we
went down to Kpando to pick them up.  Sister Beatrice was confirmed a
member yesterday, and once again she was so happy! Brother Jonathan is
great and even happier as he is preparing for the temple trip on the
29th. He just continues to surprise us each and every week! He came to
church yesterday with his family history work all the way to his great
grandparents! You don’t know how crazy that is to be able to do that!
Ghana (West Africa) doesn’t keep any sort of records and so most of the
family history stuff is very difficult to do! But he told us that he
had to travel around to a couple of different villages to collect all
of the information. He even prepared it for sister Beatrice! This week the
Branch President from Ho 1st branch will be coming to Hohoe to do the
interviews for the trip! Everyone is very excited for the trip, I pray
it is a success and everyone will be able to go, or at least a good
majority of people!! We are thinking that 10 will be able to go!

We were finally able to watch General Conference as well! Haha 6
weeks later but  it was still awesome! Elder Cosgrave was able to
download the video to a USB and then send it to us. A member brought
his TV to church and we had a small opening exercise and then
watched the Sunday morning session! It was great and everyone at the
church loved it! Especially the Mormon tabernacle choir songs! I
appreciate General Conference so much more now that I’ve been on
mission. I hope that I can continue to take the time to watch General
Conference and study the talks of our living prophets and apostles
today on the earth!

Well the reason why we were not early in cafe today is because we
have a zone conference in Kpong tomorrow and so elder Iyamu and I
came Sunday night so that on Monday we can go around Kpong, Odumasi,
and Somanya to visit our RC and members! It was such an awesome
experience and super rewarding to see some of our people after such a
long time! I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I've served in
Kpong! Everyone was happy to see us. Because Elder Iyamu served in Odumasi
for 3 transfers and I served for 5 transfers, we didn’t have time to
visit everyone that we wanted but we still saw a good amount of
people. Unfortunately one of the RC was more of a rescue mission as
they had stop coming to the church or his whole family would
disown him and so he said he had no other choice but to stop
attending church. We shared with him Matthew 10:29-38 (I think that's the right verse, 
I don’t have my bible on me) he really understood it well and hopefully it helps
strengthen him to do the right thing! But everyone else was
awesome! All the members and RC were super happy to see us but it was
so weird because their children had all grown up and are talking good
English! It was also weird when the RC or member had moved and
you meet someone else at their house and your like "hey! wrong person"!
 Gosh drag haha anyways it was awesome and
we had some great times together today! We got fed too much last night
as we had like 3 bowls of big rice right after each other! Everyone was
just happy to see us.  Well family I love you all and I’m grateful
for everything you do! I’m still frustrated that my basketball court got all
messed up! (We had a wind storm last week and it blew over our big Gorilla
basketball hoop that was bolted into the cement) Haha have a good week!

 Much Love,

Elder Kade Eppich

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