Monday, August 25, 2014

Upcoming transfers and Sister Comfort's baptism

Sister Comfort's baptism and Elder Burr
August 18, 2014
Well this week was a pretty good week as we prepared for this upcoming week of transfers. A lot will be happening and it is pretty exciting to be a part of! Not sure exactly how the transfer will all affect me but it will be good!
As far as teaching goes, this week was actually pretty slow for us. Probably the toughest week in trying to see people. We had a time to see them but it seemed like we couldn’t ever meet them at the right time. Plus, we can’t contact because it’s all military barracks. We get people complaining to us all the time because we are foreigners in their military camps. They are yelling at us and telling us that we can't be there after 6 o clock then we tell them sorry and that we are missionaries and they still get mad at us but when we give them a pamphlet or a book of Mormon and then we set a time to come back and teach them. We ask them what time they will be free and they say after 6 pm so we ask them if we can come at 7 pm and they say "oh ya that would work" and so we just walk off and they don’t think anything of it. I guess you have to be there to see how funny it is haha plus I probably didn’t say it very well :) 
Yesterday was a pretty chill day as sister Comfort could be baptized! We had been teaching sister Comfort for over a month and she had the craziest ideas about the church!! So it was fun to sit down and teach her about the church and to help her understand that the truth will always be persecuted and gave her plenty of examples of that in the scriptures! She was a fun investigator to teach just because she has such a sweet spirit.
Also on Saturday we had the "All Africa Service Project" where all throughout Africa they were having the service project on the 16th of August. It was super fun service where we went to a special ed school and completely changed the way the small playground, weeds, and so much more looked! It was tough work and I'm pretty tired still from it! We had to do a lot of shoveling as well and that put some work on my body that I haven’t felt for a while. Also I wasn’t able to take any pics but hopefully I can get some sent to me! It was great! I also got a 2 yellow vest for it:) (Not sure what I will ever do with them)
That is so awesome the you were able to go back to Argentina to see the people there and witness the temple sealing! Hopefully next  year in August we can come back to Ghana or around that time... the closer to the middle of the year the cooler it is so we can decide all of that later! But I’m super jealous! One of my RC had their baby last week and I sent you a picture of it a little bit ago and they are an awesome couple that we could hopefully come back to Ghana to see them get sealed! This is their first-born.

Well family I love you all and hope all is well for you back home! Enjoy Argentina.
Much love,
 Elder Eppich

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