Monday, April 15, 2013

"I’m truly grateful to be a missionary in this great time"

sweet little boy that Kade says is a little naughty, he reminds him of himself he said :) He caught him messing with his bike. :)
April 15, 2013
Well we had another good week! We actually taught a ton of lessons haha I think it was like 37 other lessons and then a total of 46 lessons haha so we were super busy!! We could seriously have an awesome baptizing month! This Wednesday we have Greg, Debora, and Fredrick all getting baptized (they’re suppose too). And then on the 28th we can seriously have 3 more so if we pray and work hard all will be good! So I’ll kinda talk a little about the 3 getting baptized this week. Greg: Greg is 24 yrs old and in University. He is Prince’s really good friend. He had to make some changes in his life that he knew were bad but he still couldn’t quit them. Once we taught him about some of the commandments he stopped his problems and became super interested in the church and the teachings. Oh and one thing that is big here in Ghana is dreams, if someone has a dream about something they take it very seriously. So Greg had a dream about the church a few nights ago and he now knows that this is the only true church. So we were super excited when he told us! Then Debora is a lady in her 30’s who is a nurse and super awesome! We met her when I first got here as well and she is super educated so she studies everything we give her! But she was stuck on baptism for the dead for a little while, but I think we got her over that. Side note -  a lot of people are very skeptical bout baptism for the dead because they are scared of messing with the dead (even though were not messing with the dead) just saying their names not calling any spirits to come back to earth. So it takes time to explain baptism for the dead and how important it is in Africa because Christianity was only brought into Africa like 300 yrs ago or so. Then Fredrick is kind of a golden guy right now. His father is a member and about a year ago the missionaries taught Fredrick but he didn’t want anything to do with the church and this past month he has done a 180 degree turn and has come to church three weeks straight and calls us when we are late to appts. Haha so it seems to me that his field is finally white and all ready to harvest!

Also this last week I busted out my journal I used to write in when I was younger and I absoulty love it!! It’s so funny and I’m so happy I kept a journal! So everybody who doesn’t keep a journal needs to because in 10 yrs you’re going to regret it!! When I was reading the journal I notice how fast time flies by! I read in my journal when both Nate and Randy left on their missions and when they also returned and how fast it seemed like it went! Then I have some funny stuff in my journal about me and Michael Casper haha I love it! Then I cut my hair again for the second time, I felt like it was too long (that’s a first ha) but it doesn’t look too shabby :) haha so one of our investigators lives in this compound and every time we go there, there is always a little baby girl who  maybe is  16 months old and doesn’t speak very many words and one of the words she says is "obruni" (white boy) and it is the cutest thing! Because she has a cute little voice, it’s the only time I like being called obruni now. I seriously hear it about 200 times a day haha.

So one of the spiritual things I have noticed these last few weeks is priesthood blessings! Elder van Scheltema and I have given quite a few of them and one night one of our investigators asked for a blessings because she thought she had Malaria so I gave her a blessings and the next day she told us she was completely fine. It was awesome to know the power of the Priesthood and the ability the Priesthood holders have! It reminded me of dad and how grateful I am for him giving me Priesthood blessings throughout my life. Especially when I got in the 4 wheeler wreck! Even though he was driving 115 mph down the road he had the faith that a blessing would help me not die and I honestly know that is one of the main reasons I was able to make it to the hospital and not die. Thank you so much dad!!

I only wear my Keens sometimes because we’re not really supposed to because it’s not rainy season yet. I’ve just been having shin splints so I was seeing if that helped out. And yes everybody’s toes are ok so we will resume playing sports on P-day. Still no packages. I’m sure it’s there but the hard thing is people coming out to bring it to us. But the office elders are coming out Thursday so hopefully they remember it. And I’ve used the plan of salvation board a few times. It seems to work well. And I will play the piano sometimes in the chapel waiting for an investigator to show up, but Elder Van scheltema is like a legit piano prodigy so he plays everything by ear because he can’t read music. He plays an awesome melody he made up of "If you can Hie to Kolob" it’s awesome! The primary is a good size I think and ya I took out 60 cedis last week, thanks for checking. The main Ghanian dishes like Kenk, fufu, banku we eat with our hands but the other stuff is with a fork or spoon.

This last Sunday was stake conference and I kid you not there was about 1000 members there and it was so amazing hearing the talks and the music! I loved it! The whole stake center (our normal church on Sundays) was packed full! And we had 8 investigators show up!

So thanks for all the questions and the support I really appreciate them!! I’m trying to remember if there is anything else haha if there is I will just send another email. I love you all and I’m truly grateful to be a missionary in this great time it’s hard sometimes, but I know it’s worth it!!

Elder Eppich, Jr.
first shoe casualty

Kevin and his little sister that follows Kade around saying "Obruni" (white boy) in a sweet little voice

Elder Eppich and Elder Neslen

Elder Eppich and Elder Van Scheltema

This food is called one-men-thousands. They are super tiny fish that they boil in oil and serve with some peper sauce but your litteraly eat 1000 every time you sit down to eat. Taste like regular fish.

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