Monday, February 18, 2013

I'm excited to get out in the field and preach to the people of Ghana

**In the Ghana MTC the missionaries cannot receive mail so they let the missionaries write emails twice a week.

February 18, 2013


Well not much has happened since I last wrote you except keeping busy at the MTC. I have no clue how Kraymer lasted 12 weeks in the MTC, maybe the MTC is different here than Provo, but I’m excited to get out in the field and preach to the people of Ghana. So some of the things I forgot to tell you about is the native sister missionaries here don’t shave their legs. They have a bunch of little places to fill up our water bottles all over the MTC and I drink so much water because of the heat that I kid you not that I can pee for at least 45-50 seconds each time. haha There will just be random power outages here at the MTC for like a minute and then the power will come back on. I’m always hoping it won’t come back on so we can all take naps (I miss them so much! but I’m not as tired as in used to be) it’s funny how the Africans conduct music here, they will sing the first line by themselves and then they will tell everybody to sing and we start singing at the beginning, it’s really interesting. OH MY HECK so last night somebody left the window open at night for a little bit and if that happens mosquitoes get in and carry Malaria so I went and closed it and this huge spider came running inside and almost killed me!! Haha I totally forgot about the spiders here cause I hadn’t seen one forever and it wasn’t a small guy either! One of the Africans came and killed it! Wow I bet Kortneigh can’t wait to have her baby! I’ve been praying so hard the last week that the baby doesn’t look like Shayne hahahahaha Kade's funny :)  well I don’t have much time and I love all you guys, I’ve had really awesome spiritual experiences the last few days but also some trials but it’s for my own good, so keep sending the prayers cause I know they help! Love you lots, the church is true! Elder Eppich

February 19, 2013

So there was a few things i forgot to talk about yesterday and one of them was that a few days ago there was a ward party right next to the MTC and they had like a dj playing African music loud and it was so awesome!! all the little black babies were dancing at it was so cute! haha Oh i forgot to tell Karigan that I may have sold her to some of my African friends to be their wife. haha I think it was like 100 cds (ghana money) or something like that. They all want white wives haha President Graham said something that hit me a few days ago, it was....You have two years to serve your mission but eternity to look back at it.....and its so true! he told us to not have any regrets on the mission field. We leave to the mission home tomorrow at 6 am so hopefully once I get there they will let me check my email to see if Kortneigh had her baby.

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