Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ghana MTC

Elder Eppich at the Ghana MTC. He is here 12 days then out into the field. Africans wear their ties short so he wanted to be like them.  He said he already knew how to sport this fasshion because of Uncle David :)
February 14, 2013

Wow what a crazy week so far! There is so much to tell and not very much time. So mom can you fix all my grammar mistakes Haha thanks. Well the food is alright the first couple of days but I think I’ve started to get used to it. It’s just rice; beans, some spice sauce; fruit and either fish or chicken and water. Not too bad of a diet. But I guess once I get out to the field the food is different! My comp is a good guy! He is 24 and from Liberia. I’ll try and send some pictures. a lot of the African missionaries that are here are 22-25 years old but look like they’re 17-19 because of not being feed very much and getting their nutrients (thanks DR. Brown Haha) but its super sad!! Some missionaries came here with hardly anything and it kills me!! I’ve already given some money to my comp and some ties because they only had one. Guess who came to the MTC to speak to us yesterday?? If you guessed President Monson..................your wrong Haha if you guessed Elder Cook from the quorum of the 12 you’re correct!! It was very awesome to shake his hand and the spirit is so strong with him! He came with Bro and sis Curtis (2nd counselor in the Africa west mission) and bro and sis Clayton I want to say he is in the presidency of the 70. But Elder Cook talked about how awesome we are and DC 31. Both Brother Clayton and Curtis knew where Tri Cities was and asked how I was adjusting lol.

The first night I slept terrible and honestly very hard for me because I was thinking about home and 2 years is a long time but I just started to read my scriptures and everything is ok :) I’ve been having really bad allergies so I just pop a beneydrl in at night and I’m out cold Haha I only did that one time but I’m starting to get used to the heat at night and normally only wake up once. The MTC isn’t what I really expected kind of crammed packed cause they shortened our stay to two weeks and we’re always doing something. In the last 5 days I’ve been outside about 1 1/2 hours so that stinks cause I’m still white :( Wow there are so many languages here just at the MTC! Probably 65 percent of the people speak French, and everybody speaks English (which is still very hard to understand) but it’s getting easier, then there are about 8 different countries with their own dialect language. So it’s crazy!! I’ve already started to learn French because all the French guys love me. (Actually everybody loves me, but they make fun of me and my white skin) I know the basics of it and then in Ghana there dialect is called twi and everybody speaks that in my mission. I talked to a white missionary from Utah at the temple today and he said I will learn it for sure if I head out to the bush because they hardly speak English out there! But he learned most of it and said it wasn’t very hard. So today we went to the temple like I said and we went to 2 sessions because probably about half the African missionaries here hadn’t received their endowment, so we went twice and it was very nice! It’s a beautiful temple! Kind of reminds me of our temple but the colors are different! I don’t have much time left because I want to send pictures but I love you all and the church is true!!
Elder Eppich 

Companion (Liberia) and Elder Eppich

Best meal ever at the MTC

Elder Epipch and his "buddies"
This is posted in the bathrooms in the MTC for missionaries that come from places where they don't have toilets.

Elder Eppich and his buddies from the Congo

This is on the highway. People just walk right next to the cars when there is traffic and try to sell stuff. The drivers here are crazy!! There is no speed limit on highways and there are like 15 accidents a day. They just push the cars off the side of the road and go haha

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