Monday, October 27, 2014

"Working Hard to Finish Strong"

October 27, 2014


Well this week was a great week for us here in Hohoe! Elder Zaugg and
I really worked hard and were blessed for our work and efforts! We had
a total of 23 heads at the church! (not including children) so we were
super happy! We actually looked more like a Branch then a Group! We
were very happy, but are still facing a lot of struggles! But it is all

Elder Zaugg and I are both trying to stay focused so we can finish the mission

We have set the date of November 29th for our temple trip!
 (First temple trip ever for Hohoe) we are
praying for a successful trip and lots of attendance! The members here are
very excited and can't wait to enter the temple! It will really bless
all of us here to attend the temple. One problem is my temple recommend
expires like on the 20th of November or some time around there! It's crazy
that 2 yrs have already gone by! Yes, we will take tro tro and if we
leave super early we can make it to Accra in 6 hours or so.

The work here is still keeping us busy! This week we had multiple
occasions where we were sitting down with one person teaching them,
and within 15 mins we would have 4-5 people that would be teaching. 
It's awesome. I’m curious how it would be if we were like the missionaries 
at the early times of the church and stood on something on the street corner and
started to preach to people.  For sure we would get a lot of peoples
heads  to turn! They would be thinking "what the heck are these white
people doing here!" haha anyways...

All missionaries fly out 10 pm the day before their release date that
are going to US. Most likely I'll get home late afternoon on the 10th,
but that is my understanding just from when I was an Assistant, it may
have changed.

Gosh I don’t really remember what else has happened this last week.
Sorry I didn’t take notes of things that I wanted to email the family
and loved ones back home. Just know that I love you all and miss you!
And I know that these last few weeks I need to work hard and finish
strong! The last few weeks of my mission will shape the rest of my
life and I have high hopes and goals for when I get home! 

Much love

Elder Eppich

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