Monday, October 13, 2014

"Pray for guidance in your life to be led to someone that needs your help"

Maxwell's baptism

October 13, 2014


Well another nice little week for us here in Hohoe! We are actually in Ho right now because of a Zone Training Meeting tomorrow so we came down to Ho last night and stayed at the Cosgrave’s and then had a legit game of football this morning! But it’s starting to get super hot again here because the rainy season is coming to an end. Anyway, the week was good! Elder Hammond’s (Missionary from Ghana serving in the Kennewick WA Mission) father and Mother drove all the way up to Hohoe to visit me! It was awesome to see them and they were so nice! They brought us some nice food and drinks from Accra to enjoy :) we took some nice pictures but I’m not sure if they forwarded them to you. I am at a nice cafe now so I will send some of them to you.

We were also very pleased to witness brother Maxwell’s baptism yesterday! It was a great day for all of us to remember! He called us over 6 weeks ago for us to teach him and he was asking questions about traveling to the US and generally when someone asks that you know they aren’t serious because they just want to travel. But over the span of 6 weeks we saw a not serious man turn into something great! It was just so sweet to witness it! He was coming to mid week service every week, clean up on Saturdays, and also there is a little message group of all the members in Hohoe and they all chat through out the week and he was on the list. Daniel would show us the things he would say on the chat group and they were so sweet! He is sincere and he wanted to change his life around! He even wants to further his education and so he started to get on top of all those other things and not just the Gospel! I pray he keeps that fire and desire so he can be a light and example to all of his friends around him!

Everything else is going pretty good in Hohoe. We will have a busy week contacting and finding the elect to help the group move forward into a branch! That is what we pray for pretty much every day, and because of this the Lord has helped us come across some sweet people that would definitely be a big blessing to the group!

I love you all and hope you have a great week, and hope that you pray for guidance in your life to be led to someone that needs your help!

Elder Kade Eppich

Elder Hammond parents
Elder Hammond is from Ghana and currently serving in our mission,Washington Kennewick Mission

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